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A wave offering

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Counting the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot (starting with the second day of Passover) is essentially a Biblical command: “You shall count for yourselves, from the morrow of the rest day [of Passover], from the day you bring the Omer as a wave offering seven weeks; they shall be complete. You shall count until the day after the seventh week, [namely,] the fiftieth day”.

This is the first day of the counting of Omer.

It is another of those mysterious Jewish traditions where we begin count barley stalks for the days and sheaves for the weeks. The scriptures tell us to count the days, and to count the weeks. So today, across the world, some streams of Judaism will wave one barley stock and recite an ancient blessing.

There are seven daily blessings, and seven weekly blessings. At the end of all this counting is Shavuot, or the Feast of Weeks. And according to the holy writs, fifty days after leaving Egypt, the Israelites were given the Torah, or the Law as some are wont to call it.

It also points to another future event. Some feel that it will mark the beginning of the rebuilding of Temple, which brings a whole host of other problems, namely that the Muslims have built a gilded mosque on top of the ruins of the Temple.

There be wars and rumors of wars … a warning to Christians and Jews alike. For that matter, the atheists among us need to be a bit worried too.

Anyway … waiting for the flooring salesman this morning. We are putting new floors in the guest room bathroom and the studio bathroom, and installing handicapped toilets in the studio. Not that we are handicapped, but rather I like the idea of not having my chin on my knees when I use the potty. We have a “Jack and Jill” bathroom between my study and Snookums sewing room that we share during the day, so it has become a priority.

It is all good. I have time to journal and listen to talk radio this morning along with some coffee sippin’ while waiting. And this is the day Snookums volunteers at a local food bank for a few hours in the afternoon, leaving the house to me and the animals.

But along with my new studio, and improved view, I see all the undone yard work. Broken tree limbs need to be cut into firewood. An unassembled concrete birdbath awaits removing an older plastic one. The front lawn needs over seeding. The driveway needs weed killin’ … and life goes on.

Good morning!

Monday’s Journal

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Late Monday morning … breakfast is done.  Kippur the budgie scolds me as I sit down to write a morning journal. I think spring has actually arrived here in my little corner of paradise. The fields around me are a cautious green after the long droughts. They have been fooled too many times by sudden rainstorms that rolled through weeks apart, so the wildflowers are not showing like they normally do.

I mowed the verges last week, then read that the monarch butterflies are thin this year, and need milkweed plants to survive. I normally leave an un-mowed patch of wildflowers and weeds somewhere in the yard, but wasn’t thinking much about it when I mowed this year.  Ah Well.

Jenna, our white possibly American Shepard escaped today, but returned home after an hours romp through the neighborhood. I am always glad to see them return, because there is a busy narrow road on the East side of the property, and there is not enough room for a car t


o dodge an animal. Every trip to town reveals a new free ranging pet lying on the road.

It is time to set out the tomatoes in their hanging baskets. Last year I tried those “Topsy-Turvy” baskets, and they worked ok, but are definitely ugly. I am going to try making my own out of heavy plastic pots that look like they are terra cotta.

I am reopening my WordPress® blog. My time at Blogster was a disaster in the making. I am just not tolerant enough for social sites anymore. I think one post denigrating “Fux” news that got a lot of chuckles sort of unhinged me. Not that I am such a big fan myself, but the p

eople who denigrate it are the same people who believe they are so diverse, but in reality are very narrow group thinkers who despise half of their fellow citizens.

Ah well. Here on WordPress® and Blogger® you subscribe to the blog, not the service. I’ll link the blogs facebook® and perhaps twitter. If people want to subscribe, they can, and if it is too much work for them, they won’t.

Anyway, life goes on here in the heart of Texas, spring arrives on the grasslands, and in Rusty.

Good morning!

I had forgotten about this blogsite …

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I haven’t been here in awhile … I almost didn’t recover the password. Will I blog here, nor no? We’ll find out soon!

Hello again!

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My new old home. I have had this site parked for a few years, and now that I have fled I decided to park here. I know that I won’t have as many readers, but perhaps I’ll find a little more peace than I did at the social site.
I chose WordPress because it is more friendly to outside visitors than Blogger or Mulitiply. It doesn’t require memberships or logons to visit. I’ll cross post to facebook and twitter, so that many of my friends can just click thru …